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About Us

Our Business

Kennedy GarlandThank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Pharma Health started trading in 2003, originally as Kenrick Waitland Limited, and became Pharma Health NZ Limited early in 2008. The Managing Director, Kennedy Garland, BSc., was motivated to provide safe, stable, effective, researched-based health supplements (with safety profiles) for those New Zealanders wanting quality healthcare products. The business quickly grew as people discovered the quality and effectiveness of the range of products carried by Pharma Health.

Active Ingredients

If you want to enjoy an egg you do not grind up a chicken and hope you get lucky as you fight your way through a feathery mess. Likewise if you want to "enjoy" the health benefits of a plant or other natural health product it is not wise to consume the whole plant and hope you manage to digest those parts which have a health benefit. The key to effective health supplements is to ensure that the active (the healthy aspect) is present in a tested and consumable format.

All Pharma Health's products have scientific data which shows the active ingredient is readily available and the established safety profiles mean that you can be assured that they will promote your health.

As in many Western countries many New Zealanders are disillusioned with the traditional medical model. Historically our medicines came from plants and other natural sources (EG aspirin from the bark of the willow tree) and nature had a way of providing many appropriate solutions for health issues. An effective natural health product should have established safety profile and the active ingredient (the health giving part) must be stable and readily absorbed into the body.

Natural Health Products

Remifemin is derived from Cimicifuga racemosaThere is much worldwide interest in natural products but being natural does not inherently mean it is safe. There are many plants that are potentially fatal and other plants that contain both healthy and unhealthy components. Pharma Health NZ Ltd's products are researched-based, have established safety profiles and are all derived from nature. Moreover the active ingredient of each product has been stabilised and presented in a form that is readily digestible. We are confident you will find them beneficial for your health.

We believe the rapid success of Pharma Health can be attributed to providing products which are:

Leading Brands
We only source the highest quality health supplements from both New Zealand and throughout the world. Many of our products are classified as phyto-medicines in Europe and are in many cases the market leaders in their field. e.g Tebonin EGb 761 and Kaloba.
Supported By Scientific Research
We are committed to providing you with natural health-care products which are supported by sound scientific research published in international peer reviewed journals. All our products contain the active ingredient in an easily digestible form which means the health benefits are presented in a proven format so you can enjoy the best advantage available.
Have Established Safety Profiles
All our products have established safety profiles which mean you can be confident the active (the healthy part) is present while any potential "nasty" elements have been removed.

Our Network

Pharma Health New Zealand Limited is part of a worldwide network totally focussed on providing proven and effective health care supplements. We access international scientific research to locate and provide the best available supplements.

Our Promise

We are committed to providing you with leading-brand, natural health supplements. If you wish to obtain more information or comment on our products please contact us at info@phealth.co.nz. A successful health-focussed partnership needs both the supplier and the consumer (you) to work together to make things better.

We are proud to be the NZ representatives for:

Dr. Willmar Schwabe Pharmaceuticals, Karlsruhe, Germany

Dr. Willmar SchwabeThis pharmaceutical company was established in Leipzig, Germany by Dr. Willmar Schwabe, in 1866. It is a 100% family-owned company, currently in its fourth generation of family management.

According to IMS they are the No 1 manufacturer of phyto-pharmaceuticals worldwide with subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 15 countries and active in more than 60. Dr. Willmar Schwabe is the No 1 OTC Pharmaceutical Group in Germany and has more than 800 drug registrations worldwide. It has more that 3000 employees worldwide and an ongoing commitment to spend in excess of 10% of turnover on R&D .

Dr. Willmar SchwabeThrough Pharma Health NZ Ltd four of Schwabe's best-selling products are available in New Zealand. In order they are:

  1. Tebonin EGb 761 (Ginkgo biloba extract)
  2. Kaloba EPs 7630 (Umckaloabo-Pelargonium sidoides extract)
  3. CardioMax WS 1442 (Crataegutt-Hawthorne extract)
  4. Venotrex (Venoplant-Horse chestnut extract)

Committed to quality Dr. Willmar Schwabe manages the manufacture of their phytopharmaceuticals, using GMP, from cultivation through all critical stages to the finished product.

2. Manufacturer: Schaper & Brummer, GmbH & Co. Salzgitter, Germany

Schaper & Brummer is another leading German company specialising in producing medicines and dietary supplements from plants. Remifemin® is a unique, natural and hormone-free product, that Schaper and Brummer introduced to the German market in 1956, to support the body during the menopause. Pharma Health is proud to distribute Remifemin® in NZ.

Remifemin can be taken by women with breast cancer concerns and has an established safety profile. Internationally, Remifemin® is regarded as one of the world’s leading, established natural products for support during menopause and for management of the menopause. Last year over 7 million packets sold in Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Natural Health Products Ltd. Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia

Natural Health Products NHP is a leading natural health product company in Australia. We are pleased to distribute their product in New Zealand: 30 PLUS, a product which naturally supports normal hormone balance.