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Welcome to our testimonials and news blog

Read on to see how our products can help you. If you would like to share your experiences please contact us or leave your comments on the posts below.

Lyprinol : Exercise Without Discomfort

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The exercise is helping me and I upped the Lyprinol dose and after 5 weeks I found I was free of discomfort. So thank you for taking the time in helping me.

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I Would Not Be Without Lyprinol

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I feel it definitely works for me and generally helps to keep my body working well.

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Lyprinol : Back Walking

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Although I had kept myself fit I was also experiencing difficulty with walking; my knees did not seem to like it. After using Lyprinol my knees and hands were more compliant.

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Lyprinol : Enjoying Gardening Again

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Five years ago at age 59 I had a hip replacement. More recently my other hip deteriorated to the point where I was having to take pain killers regularly to enable me to keep up with my day to day activities.

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Incredible Lyprinol

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I have been taking them for 3 months now & the problems with movement in my hands has completely creased. I have been taking other supplements for several years now, with no real improvement.

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The Show Went On Thanks To Kaloba

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Disaster struck when a winter bug threatened my voice; dress rehearsal was on the Wednesday, opening night on Friday and this was Monday. No way would I make it and then I remembered the Kaloba I had been given.

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I would like to give you my testimony about CardioMax

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I had my open heart surgery in April 2002 (9 years ago). I had five blocked arteries; between 30-70 percent.

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For the last two years I have been using CardioMax

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After a couple of weeks on CardioMax I noticed a difference and can now walk up the 74 steps from the beach without difficulty. I am in my sixties and now have a better capacity for hilly walks than in my forties! This is the first time I have taken a hawthorne based product and am very pleased with the result.

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I Am Walking Without A Limp Thanks To Lyprinol

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A few years ago I was knocked over by a horse and my ankle became increasingly worse during that afternoon. I went to the doctor and was issued a Cam Boot and X-rayed. My ankle, apparently, had very little carotene between the joints and I went to a specialist in Melbourne to see what could be done. He was quite aghast when he saw the very extensive X-rays that were taken and said the only thing that could be done was to have the ankle fused. He showed me an X-ray of what my ankle would look like and I was quite horrified to see what would happen if I did take that option.

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