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Welcome to our testimonials and news blog

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Lyprinol: I can’t wait for it to arrive

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I have just ordered some more Lyprinol and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

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Lyprinol: Creaking Joints

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Before using Lyprinol I was suffering from “creaking joints.” I am nearly 68, a retired builder and recovering from a heart attack. I was slowly getting slower and slower.

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Lyprinol Success Story

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Dan Greig lives and works in West Auckland, and is a keen runner, being mad enough to take on the toughest of challenges. In 2008, he faced up to his hardest one yet: the Wasatch 36-hour Race, a 100 Mile Endurance Run which is held in Utah. During the run, he took Lyprinol® supplements at hourly intervals, to support his breathing and to support his joints ticking over.

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Kaloba : Perfect Timing

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We choose to use as many naturopathic and natural remedies for our family as we can, and this product caught our eye for sure.

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Tebonin Success Story - My Life Was Spinning Out Of Control

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In March 2006 my wife Diana’s life was turned upside down when she began to experience unexplained moments where she would suddenly lose control of her balance. Naturally this caused her a lot of anxiety and stress; and of course our three daughters and I were deeply concerned as well. Along with her balance problems she often felt like everything was spinning wildly and was out of control; as a result she often felt like throwing up. Sometimes she would stumble and fall; on occasions when the problems were severe she actually vomited.

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Lyprinol: I ran my first marathon at 50 thanks to Lyprinol

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I ran my first marathon at 50 thanks to Lyprinol.

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Lyprinol: I have been back on Lyprinol for a month and I am on fire

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I have been back on Lyprinol for a month and I am on fire.

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Lyprinol: Don't feel a day over 50

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I am back to feeling 100% and getting on with life. So again thank you. This year I am 70, don't feel a day over 50.

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Lyprinol: Cold Turkey

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Last week I ran out of my daily intake of Lyprinol and went for about two days cold turkey. And OMG that\\\'s the real test right there. By about day three I couldn\\\'t sleep so well, my right leg did it\\\'s jumping thing and I rediscovered long forgotten general leg discomfort.

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Lyprinol : A Big Thank You

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Life is really pleasant and it is all due to Lyprinol.

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