Lyprinol: I ran my first marathon at 50 thanks to Lyprinol
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Lyprinol: I ran my first marathon at 50 thanks to Lyprinol

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I ran my first marathon at 50  thanks to Lyprinol.  I had had joint niggles with my right knee for years that was restricting my running and there was no way I could have run marathon without Lyprinol.

Being  discomfort-free enabled me to run longer distances again. I had help of an experienced coach, Nige Burgess, who created a training programme and race plan for me.  I ran the whole way and managed to break 4 hours for the Queenstown Marathon, which is a hilly mainly off-road course.  The day after the Marathon I was very mobile and in fact helped a friend with landscaping for a few hours.

I recommend Lyprinol to all my friends and family who are having issues with joints or breathing.  Age doesn't need to slow you down.

Grant W
November 28th, 2017 
Grant W Marathon Finish Line Grant W Marathon Running 1 Grant W Marathon Running 2


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