Lyprinol: Don't feel a day over 50

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Lyprinol: Don't feel a day over 50

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Hi Kennedy,

Lyprinol arrived safe and sound, and prompt. Thanks. I don't want to badger you, but my well being is so dependent on Lyprinol being my go to supplement, that when I run out I really feel it. I do try not to run out of course, but it happens. Then I get a little down in the dumps and creaky joints. Not good.

I restart my intake of Lyprinol, usually pop three the first day, then have two a day as maintenance there after.

I am back to feeling 100% and getting on with life. So again thank you. This year I am 70, don't feel a day over 50.

Cheers and good health,

John R McGown


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