Tebonin Success Story - My Life Was Spinning Out Of Control

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Tebonin Success Story - My Life Was Spinning Out Of Control

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In March 2006 my wife Diana’s life was turned upside down when she began to experience unexplained moments where she would suddenly lose control of her balance. Naturally this caused her a lot of anxiety and stress; and of course our three daughters and I were deeply concerned as well. Along with her balance problems she often felt like everything was spinning wildly and was out of control; as a result she often felt like throwing up. Sometimes she would stumble and fall; on occasions when the problems were severe she actually vomited.

Diana had a kidney stone removed in October of 2006 and our family thought this operation would fix her health problems. We came to this conclusion because her balance issues started around the same time the doctor diagnosed the kidney stone.

How wrong we both were! Her balance control continued to be an issue for the remainder of 2006 & 2007 and then started to get worse. During this time we saw many ‘specialists’ which proved to be very expensive with the associated costs and our time off work. Diana tried the suggested remedies and medicines to no avail. Who were we to argue as to the offered cause(s) of her health problems?

Diana was experiencing her unpredictable balance problems about once or twice a month. One time she was driving the car here in Tokoroa and another she was at her daughter’s graduation. These attacks usually lasted for two or three hours and she had to sit quietly or lie down until she felt OK again. One time it happened it was so bad we had to call for urgent professional help.

As you can imagine her quality of life wasn't very good during this period. It also placed a lot of strain on me, her husband of 34 years. Not knowing what the causes were of her problems was very frustrating for us both and our 3 daughters.

In Sept of 2008 at the suggestion of our youngest daughter Fiona, a physiotherapist, Diana started taking Tebonin® EGb 761®. After only two weeks Diana began to feel much better, more stable, a lot less anxious, and much more self assured, confident, and relaxed. She felt she had been released from prison and she started to venture out alone from the house confident she would not stumble or fall.

Jim and Diana, Tokoroa

Diana has continued taking one Tebonin® tablet daily since then and I can honestly state that she has not experienced any more balance problems. Not only has her health returned to normal but also the unexplained inner ear noise that used to bother her has largely gone.

Both of us had suffered from unwanted inner ear noises and now I too am taking Tebonin®. It hasn't totally stopped the noise problem for me, but like Diana it's not as annoying nor as pronounced as before we began taking these tablets.

We both firmly believe after taking Tebonin® for the last two years that this tablet does everything it says it will do. Including improving peripheral blood flow and mental alertness; it even appears to have improved the texture of my skin. Another very important factor is that this tablet is natural being made from a plant. It has most definitely improved our full and active lifestyles.


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